Sunday, May 2, 2021

Hey Reese / iNSD 2021 Stamping Challenge / Pinkfresh Studio

Happy Sunday!  I'm sharing the layout I created for my STAMPING challenge over on the Pinkfresh Studio Blog yesterday.  You still have plenty of time to join in if you want!  Have your project uploaded by next Thursday, May 13th to be eligible to win a $30 Gift Card to the Pinkfresh Store!

I used three different stamp sets on this layout.  I used textured white cardstock for the background.  I love that you can see the texture through the stamping, so that's why I chose that over smooth cardstock.  I coated it with clear gesso to start.  I used the Pop Out Nested Chevron Stamps along with a few Ink Cubes to create the arrow shapes.  I stamped using Storm and then Tidal Pond over it.  The I used a wet brush and a bit of water to make the colors run.  NOTE: This only works if you use gesso first!  I love that "my page was left out in the rain" effect.  I created a horizontal design and that gave me the perfect space to place my vertical strip of photos.

Ahhhhhh....see the cardstock's texture?  I LOVE THAT!  The water just makes such a cool effect with the inks.  I did a couple of layers of the stamp, and a few times I stamped on wet paper.  It has an even different some of this is lighter and some is darker.  It's all a fun experiment each time!  I also splattered some white acrylic paint down once everything was dry, and at the end of the process I splattered some gold as well.

Even when you add the water, you can still see the shape of the stencil.  Like I said, I did do multiple stamping, but you can get whatever effect you want by controlling how much water you add or how many stampings you do.
I also used the Heather Lowercase Alpha Stamp Set for my title.  I used the Candy Violet Ink Cube.  Again, I love the paper's cool.
I embellished around the page with a lot of florals that I fussy cut from a Some Days collection patterned paper.  I also used a few of the Anemone Magic Washi Tape flowers...the purple ones.
I used a bit of the Joyful Bouquet Washi Tape here as an underneath layer as well.
The third stamp I used was a small floral from the Reset Stamp Set.  I used the Candy Violet color again and just created some messy stamping around the flowers and photos...just for some detail.
It's very subtle, but I love how it looks.  I popped up some of the flowers with adhesive foam to create some fun dimension.
I love the contrast of these colors!  I had the perfect shade of blue thread to match the background :)
A few final close-ups of all the details:

I hope this inspires you to pull out some stamps and make something awesome with them!  You could totally recreate this page (or something similar) but without the water.  If getting messy isn't your thing, then you could stamp and leave it neat and clean.   So many possibilities for everyone's style!

The blog is full of challenges, so go check it out and see which ones suit you.  Lots of prizes to go around, too!

Here's my process video:


Thanks for stopping in and have a great weekend!

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