Monday, May 30, 2011

Silly Slicker

Happy Memorial Day! I have a page to share with you. This is my little "Silly Slicker." When Paige was teething, she constantly had her fingers in her mouth, gnawing away on them. Her hands would be wet with slobber, and she'd touch the top of her head and slide her hands down her forehead. Her hair would be wet and it would be stuck to her we'd always say how her hair was "slicked" down.

I've been in a "banner" mood lately...I love the look of them, streaming across the top of pages! You can't really see the "silly" part of the title unless you enlarge the's very subtle. I did a little stitching as well.

I love lollipop flowers! They're so easy to make.

A new reveal from ScrapFIT will be up on Wednesday! Yay! Stay tuned...

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