Sunday, October 3, 2010

Finished with October!

I am officially finished scrapping all my photos from October 2009! I have a hard time scrapping out of order. I like to scrap all my pictures one month at a time -- that way I can put them in albums in order. Otherwise, I'd have a huge stack of layouts [in random order] just sitting there, and that bugs me :) That's just one of my scrappy OCD things...haha.

Anyway, here are the last of Paige's 8-month photo shoot. For this one, I had fun with glimmer mist a a doilie from the Dollar Tree! I used it as a mask and then to frame the bigger picture. Who would've thought?! I love using random things on layouts! I also made the hydrangea easy!

This pink paper was just so pretty...I didn't want to cut it up or cover much of it, so I kept it simple. Love the colors here!

Okay, I can't resist little naked hineys...and to be safe, I censored Paige's hiney with a random chipboard heart just for the sake of posting this on the internet. I wish I could show you her "chunk"! Haha! It's just too cute! I misted the scalloped design and the "sweet" easy, yet it looks like it took a lot of work. Love how this one turned out :)

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  1. Oh, I love these, especially the doilie one! What a great idea. You scrap in order and you're only a year behind?! That's really good. I started out that way but now I jump around. I still put my LO's in order in the albums but the 3-ring ones so that it is easy to add pages.