Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Different Not Less / A Flair For Buttons

Happy Tuesday, friends!  I'm back today to share a layout for A Flair For Buttons using the Autism Flair set.  I had to have this set right away since both my daughters are autistic and nonverbal.  I was immediately inspired by that rainbow hand print flair, and I decided to create a fun and bright layout showcasing what autism means to us and our family :)

You can find these flair HERE.

I just had to create my own rainbow hand print, so I pulled out my acrylic paints and made a stripe of each color on a piece of plastic packaging.  I just stuck my hand right into it and then stamped it onto my cardstock.  You can watch exactly how I did this in my process video below.  Once it dried, I came in with a few of my Shimmerz sprays to add a bit more color.  I used these adorable photos of me and my girls from last month since April was Autism Awareness Month.  I created a little film strip and used some film strip washi tape behind them.  My stickers are all from MAMBI and Simple Stories.

I'm completely obsessed with how this turned out!  I love the colors, and I love that this symbol for Autism is so cool and colorful!  I added lots of rainbow colored thread, too....you know, because I love it and because Autism is chaotic and messy.  So it was perfect!  Maybe this explains my obsession with messy scrapbook pages...haha!  Isn't that flair the cutest?!

I just had to add this one over here...because I love 2 someones with Autism <3 a="" again="" any="" colors...i="" day="" for="" i="" love="" m="" nbsp="" p="" rainbows="" sucker="" the="">

My title comes from Dr. Temple Grandin.  She's probably the most famous person on Earth with Autism.  She's in her 60s now, and she's a professor of Animal Science in Colorado.  You should definitely look her up.  You'll be baffled and amazed at how much she has accomplished in her life.  She didn't speak until she was 4, and she fell in love with cows at a young age.  This inspired her to go into Animal Science, and now she's a professor!  She single-handedly designed many cattle shutes for ranchers because she didn't like how inhumane the cattle were being treated.  Her designs are in ranches everywhere...it's really an amazing story!  One of her many books is entitled "Different Not Less."

I used some Queen & Co. washi tape here, and I used my red paint to color those white Thickers.  I cut "less" on my Cameo and added another awesome flair.

Watercolor, thread, stickers..you name it!  Aren't my girlies so adorable? <3 p="">

I added a fun rainbow paper from Michael's as a border and stitched around the edges.  I've been adding borders lately....I love how it looks.

Here's my process video if you'd like to check out how I made this!  I hope you enjoy!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  See you soon!  Be sure to check out the A Flair For Buttons Etsy Store...so many cool flair to pick from!


  1. This is gorgeous and I love the flair buttons!

  2. I love you work! I too have an autistic son so this post touched me!

  3. What an awesome layout that means so much! Thank you for sharing your story, I love the handprint in the background!

  4. This is gorgeous Missy. Thank you for sharing your story and how you used the autism flairs and that handprint is amazing!