Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Forgot to share this one...maybe because I don't like it...

Hello :)  I just realized I forgot to share this St. Patty's Day page here on my blog from last month.  It bugs me because no matter how many times I photographed it, I couldn't get the lighting right for some reason.  The right side is darker than the left.  I finally gave up and just edited it the best I could without overexposing the photos.  Some layouts photograph perfectly while others give me a hard time.  I photograph mine in front of a big bay window with natural light, but sometimes they just don't turn out that great.

Oh, well...you still get the idea of all the colors, right? :)

I created this page for a challenge at My Scraps and More.  Obviously the girls were dressed in their "lucky" colors, so I decided to use my Cameo to cut out a big shamrock out of cardstock.  I watercolored a green piece and backed it.  Then I went crazy with rainbow colored washi tape over on the side....I really had no thoughts about this one...I just started sticking and painting.  Usually I love a rainbow, but something about this page just bugs me...haha.

I do love these hearts!  I stamped and Elle's Studio heart stamp with embossing ink and heated gold embossing powder over it.  Then I cut them out.  Super fun way to make your own embellishments!  I also traced around the shamrock with a gold pen.  I'm sort of on a gold kick these days :)

This sort of went wrong here, too.  Stamped more hearts to emboss....and didn't realize the gesso I had used over the tape wasn't completely dry.  So the glitter stuck to it.  Geez!  I act like I've never made a scrapbook page before...haha!  Rookie mistakes here.

Some REALLY old loopy Doodlebug alphas here and a Cameo cut.  I do love that Queen & Co. rainbow striped washi tape....although it tears really easily when I'm trying to peel it from the roll.

Thanks for stopping by and listening to me rant about this page....haha.  Have a great day!


  1. Missy this looks perfect to me! I can't see any difference. I love your style, all the layers and the little extras! Your pages are always awesome! All the best!http://mybeaner.blogspot.ca/

  2. Such a pretty layout! Glad I am not the only one that sometimes has trouble photographing layouts!!

  3. So fun Missy! I love the awesome Clover behind your photos and the glitter hearts!! And I had the same exact problem with photographing a layout yesterday. It was driving me crazy!!

  4. Beautiful layout and love the glitter hearts!!! So awesome

  5. Oh, I just love it to bits! So bright and happy and absolutely delicious with your cutie pie girls!