Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lots of fun at ScrapFIT!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I wanted to share the sample layout I created for the current Weekend Warm-Up over at ScrapFIT. The rules are to use some kind of clusters on your, flowers...whatever you can come up with.

Here is what I made...lots of messy misting & paint smearing, followed up with photo & circle clusters. I just started creating this messy background and had multiple photos to use on this one page. I couldn't decide on a neat & clean design, so I decided to go all random. It worked! My only complaint about lots of painting & misting is the warping of the makes it hard to get a perfectly straight photo to post! And I don't have to patience to flatten it before I start to work...haha!

Today is the first Step Class at ScrapFIT!! The new Step Coach, Sheila, has a great chipboard & fabric tutorial for you! If you play along, you have a chance to be featured in the FITGirl Spotlight, just like you do for participating in the WWUs! Head on over & check it out!


  1. Yep, the "messiness" TOTALLY works here! Gorgeous. You totally nailed the clustering challenge- so many to enjoy here.
    And I know what you mean about hte paper warping- drives me nuts! But I can't even tell here, just perfectly done :).

  2. Missy, I just love coming to your blog, it always makes me smile to see your bright fun layouts! This is fabulous! I love all the inking and misting. I have the same issue..right now I have three bottles of glimmer mist holding down a layout trying to straighten it out...maybe there is a trick out there!

  3. Great clustering! Love the mix of paper, paint, and stitched circles! And as always LOVE the color!!!

  4. Oh i just love this!!! I love the bright colors, misting, and paint-- and clusters!

    1. Beautiful!!!! Just love all the bright colors!!! Fabulous job with the misting and I love your clustering of pics and embellies along with the hand stitching!