Sunday, May 28, 2017

Happy Girl / Thermoweb Design Team

Hey friends, and Happy Sunday!  I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend :)  Today I'm sharing a new layout and some exciting news.  I was asked to join the Thermoweb Design Team, and I accepted!  Thank you so much to Julia for inviting me.  I have been a fan of their beautiful foils for so long, and I used some of them on my first DT layout here.  If you're unfamiliar with Thermoweb, they also carry a lot of mixed media products as well as dies, inks, cardstock, glue and tape runners.  There are a lot of things, so make sure you check out the website HERE.

My first layout was up on the Thermoweb Blog last week.  I used one of the Mixed Media Sheets, which is a sheet that is almost a cross between vellum and fabric.  You can do anything to it.  I added some of the Gina K. Designs Premium Dye Ink colors to it and created a rainbow watercolor design.  You can cut or tear these sheets, and they can also be printed and stitched on.  I punched circles out of these after the ink dried.  To add all that color, I turned the ink pad over and stamped it onto some plastic packaging and spritzed it with some water.  Then I smushed the packaging down onto the Mixed Media Sheet and it worked beautifully.

Okay, check out this pink foil.  This stuff is amazing!  To get this look, I first used some of the Deco Foil Transfer Gel.  It look like a smooth white glue almost.  I smudged some over a sunburst stencil with a palette knife and then let it dry completely.  It dries clear.  Next, I placed the sheet of Gina K. Designs Fancy Foil on top of it, foil side up and placed some vellum on top to protect it.  Then I slowly fed it through my laminator.  The heat transfers the foil onto the gel, and you wind up with this!  So gorgeous!  When the light hits the foil, you get a brilliant shine.  I went with a circle theme here, and added in a few flair buttons, sequins and stickers in all the bright colors.

I did the same thing here with some Gina K. Designs Fancy Foils in Turquoise Sea.  I used a few MAMBI Project life style cards to layer behind my photo as well as some tissue paper, adhesive foam and tangled thread.

Here's another look a the pink sunburst.  The foil will stick to any spot where the gel was, so you have to be careful not to get it anywhere you don't want it.  Here you can also see the texture from the Mixed Media Sheet.  I love how they took the ink color, and tearing, punching and stitching through it was really easy.

Here's something else I did before doing the background foiling.  I did some foiling on the Mixed Media Sheet, and it worked great.  I took an old circle stamp from my stash and put some of the Mixed Media Liquid Adhesive on it....that comes in a glue-type bottle.  I stamped it down and it created a messy shape like you see here behind the word "girl."  I let it dry and then put a small piece of blue foil over it, foil side up.  I just used my fingers to press and rub over the area and pulled the foil up.  It sticks beautifully to the glue.  You don't need a laminator for that.  These title stickers are from some old Simple Stories sticker sheets in my stash.

Oh the rich colors here!  I added more little Simple Stories stickers here and a few Amy Tan Rise & Shine epoxy stickers.  My sweet picture is of my little Paige on her 3rd Birthday.  I think the colors were perfect for this, and I just couldn't print this in black & white.  Not with that orange butterfly shirt :)

Here's one more sunburst I created using orange foil.  This is really like magic to watch's so neat, and the result is so cool!

Here's one more close-up of the blue under the photo.

This was so much fun to make, and with the Transfer Gel, you can really create any type of shape you want.  If you'd like to actually watch how I did all these things, check out my process video here:

Thanks so much, and have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Awesome layout! And congrats on being on Thermo Web's DT!